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Who We Are

DMA Drives Fast and Lasting Revenue Growth to Hotels

We are a smart, connected and nimble new agency; a cutting-edge collective of hospitality pioneers, experienced consultants and marketing visionaries. Our unwavering goal is to increase your revenues quickly and substantially.

Our Vision
To be the partner of choice for hotels, growing revenues and increasing profitability through intelligent, innovative and integrated sales & marketing strategies.

What We Do
DMA was established by a select group of hotel owners and leading marketing professionals to leverage their real world experience realigning sales & marketing strategies to the realities of an industry in flux.

We offer hotels and resorts the knowledge and skills required to evolve, survive and thrive in the digital age. Precisely calibrated distribution of rates. Intelligent marketing of inventory. Integration across multiple new digital and traditional platforms. These are just some of the tools we employ to effect immediate and sustainable rises in bookings, revenues and profits.

Where We Are
DMA is strategically located in Hong Kong at the heart of the biggest and most diverse outbound travel markets: China, Singapore, Korea, Japan and Australia. This places us at the nexus of economic growth and opportunity. It means we not only help Asian hotel brands face the demands of the digital age but we are also perfectly primed to provide Asia-Pacific outbound GSA services for hotels in Europe, America, the Middle East and Asia that wish to tap this massive market.

DMA currently operates in Thailand, Indonesia, France, China, Japan, Korea, Northern Europe and the UK. Our clients include leading resorts and hotels, chateaux, independent hotels and regional chains.