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Our Approach

Challenges We Help You Evolve To Conquer

In today’s wired world, change occurs in a heartbeat. Shift happens. Evolve and thrive, or stand still and die. It’s about survival of the smartest. The internet, mobile technologies and social media explosion has created great challenges and opportunities for hotels and resorts.  With new digital B2B & B2C platforms and channels imposing a rapid reassessment of outdated marketing strategies, you need a smart partner who fully understands the spectrum of new digital marketing channels and knows how to get them working for your brand.

DMA brings together a team of industry specialists and innovators committed to forming partnerships with hospitality brands. Our unique mix of coal-face experience and beyond-the-box strategic thinking positions our partners for survival and success in the evolving world of digital hotel sales & marketing.

Your Challenges

  • Uncomfortably visible and competitive rates and offers to consumers via partners', suppliers' and hotel's own websites
  • Consumers have more opportunities to source deals, driving rates lower
  • Growing pains for all travel suppliers as they change and adapt to new consumer behavior
    Migrating from old to new challenges over a realistic timeline
  • Engaged mostly in conventional B2B channels such as travel wholesalers, travel retailers and tour operators but have limited rooms to offer
  • Have a hotel website, may or may not have a booking engine
  • Have a good looking website but not SEOed or designed to drive traffic and bookings
  • Limited in-house resources to work with large number of B2B suppliers or reaching all feeder markets around the world
  • Have a sales and marketing department but with limited experience in the digital sector; no eCommerce or Yield Managers to support digital sales & marketing and therefore unable to:
    • Manage potential conflicts in rate structure, marketing program when engage in direct business (BAR), OTAs, OTCs, segments
    • Handle yield management
    • B2C channels Migration
    • Handle backend operations e.g. loading of rates, management of
    • marketing operations with digital B2B segment i.e. OTAs, OTCs, auction portals, and social media

Your Needs
We begin with a deep dive into your current level of engagement with digital sales channels, rate structure and digital marketing efforts via online channels. That intelligence allows analysis of the unique requirements of your business, which in turn lets us propose an optimal mix of these components to generate impressive revenue growth.

Our Delivery
We are crystal clear about the direct link between our deliverables and our clients' investments. We are mindful of providing the most advanced solutions to keep pace with dynamic and fluid digital platforms. In a world where ROI reigns, we measure our success by the simplest of yardsticks: yours.