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GSA Services

On behalf of clients who wish to market their brand, products and services to Asia Pacific's burgeoning outbound markets - China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Ukrain, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia – we offer business development, Sales & Marketing and management of the following accounts:

  • Conventional B2B partners such as travel agents and wholesalers
  • Digital B2B channels such as B2B travel agent portals, OTAs, OTCs
  • Corporate & MICE partners
  • Media partners

Digital Sales Services

On behalf of clients, we generate revenue through contracting, negotiating, marketing, selling to and managing accounts from the following digital channels

  • Online Travel Agents
  • Online Travel Clubs
  • B2B Travel portals
  • Auction Portals

Sales & Marketing Audit Services

  • Digital Sales & Marketing Productivity Audit
  • General Sales & Marketing Performance Audit
  • Direct Business Audit , for example bookings generated from hotel websites and reservation offices
  • Rate Structure Audit
  • Sales & Marketing Departmental Audit
  • Sales Department Accounts Productivity Audit

Digital Marketing Services

We generate revenue by creating awareness of clients' brands, products and services through:

  • SEO to drive traffic and unique visits to websites
  • SEM to build conversions from traffic driven to websites
  • State-of-the art and sales-centric websites
  • Tactical and effective B2C digital marketing programs
  • Social Media marketing
  • Mobile platform marketing